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CROQUIS - A short film (link in the description) by CobaltSunrise CROQUIS - A short film (link in the description) :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 7 5 ''Otto'' - PAGE 2, BUT WITH STEPS by CobaltSunrise ''Otto'' - PAGE 2, BUT WITH STEPS :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 7 0 ''Otto'' - Page 2 COLOURED by CobaltSunrise ''Otto'' - Page 2 COLOURED :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 3 4 Death of the Queen - A comic prompt by CobaltSunrise Death of the Queen - A comic prompt :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 4 4 OTTO DESIGN - Sketch dump by CobaltSunrise OTTO DESIGN - Sketch dump :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 3 0 WINTER SESSION DOODLE DUMP 2017! by CobaltSunrise WINTER SESSION DOODLE DUMP 2017! :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 7 2 SAMURAI JACK - Sketch dump by CobaltSunrise SAMURAI JACK - Sketch dump :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 13 7 OTTO: the prologue by CobaltSunrise OTTO: the prologue :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 4 4 DANTE'S INFERNO: Explained terribly by CobaltSunrise DANTE'S INFERNO: Explained terribly :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 6 15 LUX IN TENEBRIS - Poster design by CobaltSunrise LUX IN TENEBRIS - Poster design :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 8 5 Jack and Ashi by CobaltSunrise Jack and Ashi :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 22 6 COBALTCOMICS - 07 - Titre Meta by CobaltSunrise COBALTCOMICS - 07 - Titre Meta :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 7 7 ''FOOLISH SAMURAI!'' by CobaltSunrise ''FOOLISH SAMURAI!'' :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 33 10 Meet me in the woods by CobaltSunrise Meet me in the woods :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 17 13 OH GEE! by CobaltSunrise OH GEE! :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 6 3 Ghost on the shore - mockup by CobaltSunrise Ghost on the shore - mockup :iconcobaltsunrise:CobaltSunrise 6 10
Feel like procrastinating? Check out my gallery!


Artist | Student
Hello there you, fellow internet citizen!

I'm just your average, geeky, teenage artist who likes to think she knows what she's doing when it come to drawing!

Anyway, feel free to take a look at my art!
Don't forget my scrap section; who knows what treasures you might find there!


Hello you, lovely people of the internet!

As we sweep the dust of 2016 under the carpet (along with all those dead Harambe memes) let us usher in a New Year; may it bring happiness and good health to you all!

First off, this January will mark my 5-year anniversary here on Deviant Art!
I can't believe that I've been around here so long. It just feels like yesterday that I was that nervous barely-teen who was freaking out because this was the very first website I ever made an account on.
I'm working on something special to celebrate, so expect that in the upcomings weeks. *coughDrawThisAgainMemecough*

Now, for the tradition! I'd like to thank all the lovely people who happened to stumble upon my gallery this year and decided to stick along. So to ...
:iconbigtoast00: :iconsafiracanislupus: :iconrisingkirin: :iconoraki23:
:iconxlullux: :iconrawbeat: :iconmadokaworstgirl: :iconwatchtheskies45: :iconandailite47:
:iconcaliccia: :iconchicosredhead: :icongeist19: :iconpaintfeathers: :iconpatar-03:
...I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for watching me this year and following me in my artistic endevours.
Your comments, your favs, it all means a lot to me and I read every one of them with great appreciation! Thanks guys!

So, how was 2016 for me? Well, although not bad per say, it was a year of ... planning. And challenges.
I'm currently getting my things ready to apply to University in graphic design, so I've been busy getting my portfolio together and working on more "professional" projects (posters, logos, stuff like that) in my spare time.
It's stressfull. I'm a very nervous person naturally, so diving head first into something is a bit freaky. But I feel like I'm doing the right thing. That's good.
And then of course, there's the question of finding an appartment, and roomates and living away from home, but ... I'd rather not think about that just yet. Ugh.

As for school, I've had some good practice this year art-wise, seeing as I was appointed head editor for my Cégep newspaper, so doing the layouts and logos helped me develop some new skills.
I took a Photoshop and Animation class last semester, which was really fun and interesting and I got to work on some pretty cool projects with some pretty cool people!
My film class also made a film! I was the director of photography, so I was able to put my storyboarding skills to good (if not decent) use. My film teacher liked them, so at least that's a good sign!

So yeah, that about covers most of what I've been up to these past few months. Hope the recent wave of art didn't overwhelm anyone, haha!
I'm on break for now, so I was happy to get back into the drawing groove after nights spent editing our film; I've probably uploaded more in the past 2 weeks than in the past 6 months!

So wherever you are, whatever you may be drinking (tea for me) let us raise a glass ... :music: TO FREEDOM - SOMETHING THEY CAN NEVER TAKE AWAY! NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU! :music:

Darn right that's a Hamilton reference.

I regret nothing.

Anyway, happy 2017 everyone!



CROQUIS - A short film (link in the description)
Why hello everyone!

So, me and :iconllrosebury: have been hard at work on a short, partially-animated film we wrote, filmed and edited, along with another friend of ours - shoutout to Alex! :la:

WATCH IT HEEEERE! (No need to know French to understand.)
Arrow left…

Shamless plug, I know, I know, but I've just finished my last year at Cégep (college, kinda) in cinema and well ... I'm really proud of this!
Both me and Rosebury were in the same animation class back last fall, so as our "projet d'intégration", we decided to unite our forces to make a film combining our two loves - film and animation!

This was filmed over the course of two days during our trip to New York city back in March.
It was a crazy, amazing, hectic, stressful but lovely trip, involving freezing fingers, Hamilton musical references and hotel room shenanigans.

Afterwards, Alex handled sound and a good part of the editing, Rosebury handled the more detailed animated scenes, I dedicated myself to drawing over 300 pigeons for the film.
It was quite a few sleepless nights, (no kidding, the night before the hand-in, me and Alex pulled an all-nighter and stayed up editing for nearly 18 hours straight. It was a miracle I didn't crash my car on the way home from fatigue...) but damnit, it was worth it and I'm happy with how this turned out.

Anyway, hope you all get a kick out of it as well. Have a great summer everyone! :D

Film and animations made by
Ta-daaaa! A step-by-step!
Since it was only the inked version that got evaluated, figured I'd do a comparison between all three steps.

Coloured page HERE:…
Sketched pages HERE:…

Art by me! Please do not repost, edit or use! Thanks!
''Otto'' - Page 2 COLOURED
Figured this didn't need a mature content warning, but uh ... beware of the nosebleeds,earbleed and bloody stiches!

As promised, here's the inked page that I had to submit to my teacher, along with the sketched pages of a short comic thingy I made.
Ended up playing around with the colours while I was at it, since it's been a while since I was able to do any colouring.

As I've said, this is the only page that will be finished, but hey, hope you enjoy this micro-glipse into this discontinued story of mine.

Setch pages HERE:…
Step-by-step HERE:…

Art by me! Please do not repost, edit or use.
Death of the Queen - A comic prompt
Another thing done for my comic class.
The exercise was to create an 8-panel "mini story" based off that one sentence.

Decided to colour it in PS because DRAMATIC SUNSET LIGHTING! :la:

Art by me! Please do not edit, repost or use! Thanks


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Just recently watched the latest episode of Samurai Jack
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Oh yeah, season 5 has been amazing so far. 
I've been riding the Samurai Jack wave for the past month - the hype is REEEAL! :D
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